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  • White Label Mobile App
  • Seamless Video & Photo Submission
  • Social Media
  • File Uploader
  • Fast upload speeds for photos & videos
  • Accept & process content via email
  • Organize your content with the MoGN CMS
  • Unlimited database storage
  • Content Moderation
  • Verify content submission by location
  • Connect with your community via email with MoGN CJ Alerts
  • Showcase content on your website
  • Drive traffic to your website & social media accounts
  • Browse photos & videos by category
  • Custom integration with any platform
  • Publish to your Automated Broadcast System
  • Monetize your Rebranded MoGN App
  • Increase Ad Revenue
  • Interactive Banner Ads
  • Optimize Your Earning Power
  • Promotion Opportunities for your Advertisers
StoryTeller by AccuWeather: The Interactive Touchscreen Solution for Newsrooms and More.
It can be used in anchor/reporter lead-in setting to enhance the interest, interactivity and impact of what you have to say. AccuWeather has over 50 years of experience in communicating complex, important – and frequently lifesaving – information in multiple settings to a highly diverse audience of over a billion people worldwide.
IOgrapher: click • point • create
The iOgrapher Mobile Media Case is the first multi-use case for the iPad Mini & iPad 2. iPad Air and iPhone 5s coming soon.  Perfect for shooting news events because it makes the iPad or iPhone easy to hold or mount to a tripod.  Lenses, lighting and audio gear can be attached to its 3 accessory shoes across the top.
E-N-G Mobile Systems:  A leader in innovation and creation of new products for the ever increasing, diverse mobile technology marketplace.
E-N-G’s line of News vehicles are equipped for both electronic news gathering (ENG), and satellite news gathering (SNG). The OmniLink™ line also encompasses a hybrid van or truck, using both ENG and SNG system components.
Marshall Electronics Pro-Audio MXL: Mobile Media Microphones let you hear clearly what you see so vividly.
Marshall Electronics specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of high tech electronic products used in a wide range of consumer and professional applications. Offers microphones specifically engineered to record high quality audio into mobile devices. They are compatible with Apple® iPhones, Android™, Windows® phones and tablets.





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