Multimedia Graphic Network, Inc. (MGN) is America’s premier resource for Graphic Services serving the News Media industry since 1982. Over 750 US News Media outlets find MGN to be an indispensable image resource for their News & Information production.  We work with companies such as Sinclair Broadcast Group, Nexstar, Raycom Media, LIN Media, Media General, Univision and many more.

In late 2013 we released a new service to provide local Media Outlets with a simple way to Gather, Store, & Display User Generated Content (UGC). This cost-effective Crowdsourcing Platform we named Mobile Generated News® (MoGN), enables News Media outlets to source UGC from a variety of places including Citizen Journalists within their community.

The MoGN Platform boosts content inventory, drives traffic to websites, social media accounts, and connects Television Stations and Publications directly with their audience!


More to Come...

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